Beyond the peaceful nights at ASTREA HOTEL, we offer you a list of ideas for excursions in the Burgundy region.

Discoveries Along the Waterway

Starting from Nevers, let yourself drift to the rhythm of the Loire’s waters. Whether you choose to go freely or with guidance, you will navigate between the islands, discovering the beauty of this untamed river. It’s a unique moment where you’ll become one with the surrounding nature!

Nature Excursion on the Loire

Nevers overlooks the Loire, Europe’s last wild river, which once allowed for the transportation of a significant quantity of faience pieces. The Loire offers natural, picturesque, and preserved landscapes, making it an ecological gem. There are numerous opportunities for canoeing excursions on the Loire.

In the past, the Loire facilitated the transportation of faience pieces; today, it is a paradise for nature lovers. The wildlife and flora that inhabit the riverbanks make it a magnificent ecological jewel.

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